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Trust Accounts

Trust-Owned Account

Flexible account for revocable trusts

We offer Trust-Owned Accounts for members who have established a revocable trust. The purpose of a trust is to manage the grantor’s property before or after death or if he/she becomes incapacitated. Revocable trusts have many advantages:

  • Grantors can make changes during their lifetime
  • Avoids probate
  • Privacy
  • Flexibility
  • Grantor pre-selects successor trustee
  • Trusts are harder to contest than wills

To open a Trust-Owned Account, submit the following supporting sections of the trust document along with your completed PDF application:

  • Complete name of your trust
  • Name of the Grantor(s)     
  • Name of the initial Trustee(s)
  • Statement/terms of the revocability of your trust
  • Signature pages
  • Successor Trustee(s)
  • For loan purposes, it is important that we obtain the section of the trust document that indicates the powers of the trustee

Please note that Elements Financial does not manage trusts or create trust documents, but we can refer you to an Attorney, if needed. We may be able to accept some irrevocable trusts.

Get PDF Application
Or call 1-800-621-2105

Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA) Account

A custodial account for minors—help save for a child’s future
  • An UTMA Account is a custodial account for a minor that allows people to transfer money or assets to a minor under the age of 21
  • A custodian is named by the grantor and is responsible for using the funds for the minor until he/she reaches 21 years of age (the grantor and custodian can be the same person)
  • Doesn’t require an attorney’s assistance to set it up
  • Either the minor or the custodian need to be eligible for Elements Financial membership
  • Transfers are irrevocable, meaning that they cannot be reversed in the future

Call to Open an Account 1-800-621-2105

Representative Payee Account

When we need someone to help manage our finances
  • A representative payee is a person who acts as the receiver of benefits from the Social Security Administration for a person who is unable to care for their own finances (“the recipient”)
  • A Representative Payee Account is where the representative payee receives the funds
  • Either the representative payee or the recipient needs to be eligible for Elements Financial membership

Call to Open an Account 1-800-621-2105

Guardianship Account

An easy way for guardians to manage funds
  • Guardianship Accounts are for people who have financial jurisdiction for another person
  • A guardian is an individual who has been named as a caretaker and fiduciary agent by a court of law or by a legal instrument (will) for another individual (“the ward”)
  • The guardian is responsible for spending the funds appropriately for the ward
  • Either the guardian or the ward needs to be eligible for Elements Financial membership

Call to Open an Account 1-800-621-2105

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